Lewis & Melly is the Antwerp-based clothing brand of brother and sister Louis and Melanie Lemmens. Born into a family where fashion was used creatively, they struggled to find affordable yet unique clothing items. To escape soulless commerce and underpaid vacation jobs, they emptied their bank accounts and began a fashion experiment. Their playful and eye-catching glitter creations (you know the ones) became an instant hit on the Internet.

What began as a home project soon grew Lewis & Melly into a larger business. Lewis & Melly's popularity grew steadily, from living room appointments to shopping events, to even a pop-up store in Wijnegem where there was a long line of customers at the opening and everything sold out within 90 minutes. These initial successes inspired the duo to invest further in their dream.

With increasing attention from influencers and the launch of a webshop, the living room project evolved into an established name with three flagship stores in Belgium and a thriving online store. Lewis & Melly is all about exclusivity; the idea of having an affordable garment that there are only a few number of pieces of is invaluable to Louis and Melanie.

LEMONATE ANTWERP is a Belgian brand established in Antwerp by Louis Lemmens and Nathan Haaren.

A brand that is not only just a fusion of their names but creative wise also stands for the composition of both their personalities and style.

After being together for 7 years they have gotten to visualise every aspect of their brand - timeless elegance with a touch of streetwear.

Go visit our website - www.lemonate-antwerp.com

Meet Mel Jewels, Melanie Lemmens' first jewelry brand.
With a deep love of vintage jewelry as her inspiration, Melanie gives her creations a contemporary twist. She adds innovation to classic designs, with attention to detail and a playful approach.

Mel felt a void in the jewelry industry, where she longed for charming charms and eye-catching earrings in good quality in an affordable way. This desire led to the birth of Mel Jewels, a refreshing addition to the jewelry market, perfectly in harmony with the Lewis & Melly brand.

Her designs are meant to stand out, to elevate your outfit and make your personality shine. From everyday pieces with a chunky twist to statement pieces that transform a simple outfit into a fashion statement, each piece exudes a certain cuteness that is unmistakably Mel Jewels.

An absolute must-have in any jewelry collection according to Mel? A solid, chunky hoop that is both classic and contemporary.